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Fashion Knit Cardigan Loose Sweater

Fashion Knit Cardigan Loose Sweater

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About sweater pilling

There are many reasons for sweater pilling.  Such as the characteristics of the yarn itself, the difference in fabric structure and density,and friction with the outside world while wearing.  They all cause varying degrees of pilling. In general, all sweaters will have pilling. No matter how expensive the sweater cost and everyone's definition of clothing pilling is different.  

How to avoid sweater pilling?

1 When wearing a sweater, it is recommended that the inner and outer clothing be as smooth as possible.  

2 Choose a coat with lining as much as possible to reduce the friction between the sweater and the outside world.

3  Use neutral detergent when washing. Try not to rub the surface hard . Put the sweater inside out and reduce friction on the surface of the sweater.

What to do if the sweater pills?

【1】Remember not to force it.  Cut off the pilling part with scissors.  Pulling hard will pull the sweater yarns out, and the yarns will become loose with each other, making it easier to snag.  Form a vicious circle.

【2】If the pilling area is relatively large.  A pompom trimmer and fine-toothed comb can be used.  Rub it on the pilling surface.  Velcro and tape are also more practical methods.

How to wash and store sweaters?

1 Knitted garments are recommended to be washed with warm water and gentle hand scrubbing.

2 Do not wash in washing machine.

3 Use neutral laundry detergent when cleaning.  

4 After washing, you can use a towel to wrap or dry clothes to absorb moisture from the sweater.

5 Do not wring out moisture from sweaters by hand.  So as not to deform the sweater.  Dry sweaters by laying them flat to dry.  

6 Do not hang it vertically to prevent the clothes from becoming longer and longer and causing deformation.  Store the sweater flat and folded.  

7 Do not hang the sweater directly to avoid deformation of the sweater.

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